An Ukrainian family story

Digital Contemporary Witness Talk with Dr. Maria Kiciuk

Wednesday, August 25, 2021, 7 p.m.

Dr. Maria Kiciuk, née Kocur, and her family lived in western Ukraine before the beginning of World War II. After the annexation by the Soviet Union, the family was dispossessed and had to leave their home. Under German occupation, they returned to their farm in 1941. With the approach of the Red Army in the spring of 1944, the parents fled with their three children. They were arrested by German troops and taken to Berlin via Linz. The family was housed there in a barracks camp. Maria's parents as well as her 17-year-old brother Theodor had to do forced labor at the Pertrix company. Maria spent this time with other children in the barracks. Shortly before the end of the war, the Kocur family fled to Erlangen. From there they emigrated to the USA in 1949, where Maria still lives today.

Dr. Maria Kiciuk has written a book about her family history. Together with her daughter Oksana, she will read from it.

Welcome: Dr. Christine Glauning, Director of the Nazi Forced Labor Documentation Center

Lecture and discussion: Dr. Maria Kiciuk

Moderation: Uta Fröhlich, German Resistance Memorial Center

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Languages: German and English