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Internationales Study Camp

"Searching for Traces of Forced Labour: eine fotografische Spurensuche"

14 - 27 August 2022

An international study camp in cooperation with Service Civil International.  During the project "Searching for Traces of Forced Labour", international participants will go on a photographic search for traces of Nazi forced labour at various stations in Berlin, exploring the impact that the Second World War and Nazi forced labour had on the place. They will be introduced to the basics of photography and accompanied by a professional photographer. The results of the search for traces will be photographs and the stories that go with them. They will be incorporated into an exhibition that will be shown at the Documentation Centre.

You can register through your local SCI branch

Intercultural Week 2022

For Intercultures Weeks 2022, the Documentation Centre offers free public guided tours in various languages. We look forward to your visit!

Sun, 25.9. 11 a.m. - public guided tour in English

Sun, 25.9. 1 pm - public guided tour in Russian

Sun, 25.9. 3 pm - public guided tour in German

Sat, 1.10. 11 am - public guided tour in Russian

Sat, 1 Oct. 11 am - public IMI tour in Italian

Sat, 1.10. 3 pm - public guided tour in German

Sun, 2.10. 11 am - public guided tour in English

Sun, 2.10. 1 p.m. - public IMI tour in German

Sun, 2.10. 3 p.m. - public guided tour in German

Mark Mühlhaus: Photography Workshop

The workshop invites all those interested to engage photographically with the topic of Nazi forced labour and to learn how to use a digital SLR camera.

The historical site of the Nazi Forced Labour Documentation Centre is the focus of the search for traces. The participants find their own motifs on the grounds of the former accommodation camp for forced labourers and create pictures. The aim is to tell their own story through the examination of content and photography. The photographer Mark Mühlhaus ( has dealt intensively with the topic of Nazi commemoration politics. His images have been published, among others, in the illustrated books "Begegnungen" and "KZ Überlebende und die, die nach ihnen kommen" or in photo exhibitions such as "Im Schatten von Auschwitz" (2018/2021).


Friday, 14 October 2022: (Start 13h) - Sunday, 16 October 2022: until 16h

Who: For interested persons aged 18 and over; SLR cameras will be provided if required.

Minimum number of participants: 6, maximum 12 persons

Registration: Eva Kuby: kuby(at)

Costs: None

Draw (Hi)stories

Comic workshop for beginners with Elke R. Steiner

8-10 November 2022

We will look at drawings of forced labourers from the time of the Second World War and learn how they had to live. We will take pen in hand and make our first sketches.

We can
- read comics
- draw simple sequences
- retell life stories or experiences in drawings
- or make up our own stories...

The offer is aimed at all interested people from the age of 16. No special previous knowledge is required.

For Berlin, the workshop will be recognised as educational leave.
The workshop will be held in German.
For participants with limited knowledge of German, we can translate into English.

Maximum number of participants: twelve
Costs: None
Registration by email until 31 October 2022: bildung-sw(at)