Special Exhibition

Holocaust and Forced Labour in Galicia

Destruction and Survival
30 August 2019 - 2 February 2020

Galicia is a region in East-Central Europe that is divided today between Poland and Ukraine. Different ethnicities and religions, especially Poles, Ukrainians and Jews, had lived together in this region since the mediaeval period. The Second World War destroyed their peaceful coexistence.

Eighty years ago, in September 1939, the German Reich occupied West Galicia, while the Soviet Union annexed the eastern part. After the invasion of the Soviet Union in June 1941 Germany also conquered East Galicia where it formed the District of Galicia. Over 500,000 Jews lived there. The Germans murdered nearly all of them.

The exhibition traces the fate of the Jewish Lipman family and the actions of rescuers Bernhard and Else Beitz as well as Donata and Eberhard Helmrich. It shows forms and places of forced labour as a constituent part of the Holocaust in Galicia – and reveals the possibilities it offered for saving human lives.

For the Nazi forced labor documentation center, the touring exhibition was expanded by several aspects that deepen the connection between the Holocaust and forced labor in Galicia.

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Accompanying programme to the exhibition:

12  September | 19 Uhr  Eye Witness Talk: Bogdan Bartnikowski

20 October | 3 p.m. Curator's tour by Klaus Hasbron-Blume

21 November | 7 p.m. Holocaust and forced labor in Galicia

23 January | 7 p.m. The extermination camp Bełżec

26  January | 3 p.m. Curator's tour by Klaus Hasbron-Blume

Exhibition Flyer " Holocaust and Forced Labor in Galicia A History of Expulsion and Survival " (German)