Special exhibition

Past and Forgotten?

The Lichterfelde Camp and the French Prisoners of War

8 October 2022 - 31 May 2023

The starting point of the exhibition is the present: in 2017, it was discovered that barracks of a prisoner-of-war camp have survived in the south of the Berlin district of Lichterfelde. The Wehrmacht interned mainly French soldiers here from 1940 to 1945. The site is now to be developed with flats and most of the historic barracks are to be demolished.

The exhibition sheds light on the history of the Lichterfelde camp and the French prisoners of war in Berlin. The development of the site is shown from the pre-war period to its use as a prisoner-of-war camp to the current building plans. Selected biographies open up further perspectives on the camp. The exhibition contributes to the debate on what should be done with this important historical site.

The exhibition is trilingual: German | English | français

Accompanying programme to the exhibition


1 December 2022 | 7 pm:
The Stalag IID (German) | Lectures: Kolja Buchmeier, Arne Pannen, Barbara Schulz

2 February 2023 | 7 pm:
French Prisoners of War in Berlin (German) | Lectures: Thomas Irmer, Eva Kuby

Curator's tours in German

Saturday | 29 October 2022 | 1 pm
Saturday | 21 January 2023 | 1 pm
Saturday | 22 April 2023 | 1 pm

Workshop in German

The Lichterfelde Camp
Experiences of French prisoners of war in Berlin


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The former prisoner of war camp Lichterfelde: A place like many others?

"Nazi camp discovered", was the headline in the taz on 21 November 1994, referring to a forced labour camp in Niederschöneweide, now the Nazi Forced Labour Documentation Centre. "Former prisoner of war camp discovered in Lichterfelde" was the headline in the Berliner Morgenpost on 20 October 2018. Almost 24 years lie between these two reports. In both cases - as in many other places - it was committed citizens who drew attention to a forgotten or suppressed site of Nazi forced labour. They demanded a debate and - especially important - successfully campaigned for the protection of the remaining relics as monuments."

Dr. Christine Glauning, Director of the Nazi Forced Labour Documentation Centre, From the foreword to the exhibition catalogue


Information Leaflet

The accompanying volume documents the contents of the exhibition with photographs, illustrations and additional texts on the history of the Lichterfelde-Süd prisoner-of-war camp.

Available from us at the Documentation Centre,
in German-English,
10 euros, 191 pages,  ISBN: 978-3-941772-51-9

on the exhibition "PAST AND FORGOTTEN? The Lichterfelde Camp and the French Prisoners of War". (German)