Special Exhibition

The story of Valentin S.

A "poster novella" by Ihor Tvoronovych

September 1 - October 31, 2021

Valentin S. was a Ukrainian Nazi Forced Laborer and died in Dachau concentration camp. Ihor Tvoronovych presents the story of his great-uncle in a series of posters.

Inspired by the participation in a youth meeting at the Nazi Forced Labor Documentation Center, the young artist Ihor Tvoronovych has researched his family history.
He found out that his great uncle was a Nazi Forced Laborer. He first had to work on a farm near Genthin, then in a mine in Westphalia. He escaped and was able to hide for a while. The last reference to Valentin S. is a document about his death in the Dachau concentration camp in 1943. The background is unclear.

Funded by the Foundation "Remembrance, Responsibility and Future", Ihor Tvoronovych has artistically realized the story of Valentin S. in a series of posters. Each motif represents a station on his great-uncle's path of suffering. The Nazi Forced Labor Documentation Center is showing a selection of the works.