Special Exhibition

Exclude. Archaeology of the Nazi forced camps

22 April - 20 September 2020

The exhibition approaches the theme of "National Socialist Forced Camps" on the basis of archaeological finds. Objects from 20 camp sites in Berlin and Brandenburg bear witness to life and survival in the Nazi forced camps, to racist ideology and to the involvement of the state, the economy and society in Nazi crimes.

The finds include relics of oppression and terror such as barbed wire and cartridge cases, but also everyday objects such as plates and cups. Company passes and production parts prove the forced labor that had to be done. Objects made by the workers themselves and marked by their names tell of their attempt to assert themselves in the face of the difficult conditions in the camps.

The way in which the camps were dealt with after 1945 is also discussed. The results of two youth encounters show how contemporary archaeology makes history comprehensible and can be integrated into educational work.