Special Exhibition

In the hands of the enemy

French prisoners of war in the Lichterfelde camp

From 27 October 2022

A few years ago, thanks to committed citizens, barracks from the wartime camp were discovered on the corner of Osdorfer Straße and Landweg. One of the barracks is now a listed building, while the rest of the site is being developed with flats.

We are using the current controversy surrounding this historic site as an opportunity to create an exhibition about the history of this prisoner of war camp. French prisoners were the largest group at this site, so the exhibition will provide information - including biographies - about the fate of French prisoners of war at the Lichterfelde camp and in Berlin. In addition, the prehistory of the camp, which was originally built by the Reichsbahn and taken over by the Wehrmacht in 1940, and its post-war use are covered.

The exhibition builds on the research of committed citizens in Lichterfelde-Süd and the State Monuments Office. In addition, students from the Technical University have made a film about the present and future of the historical site, which will be shown in the exhibition.