Bolesław Zajączkowski

Bolesław Zajączkowski was born in 1923 in the Polish industrial city of Łódź . When the Wehrmacht marched into Poland in 1939, the then 16-year-old was a scout and helped the Polish army.

In 1940, the Germans deported Bolesław Zajączkowski to Germany at the age of 17. As the youngest of the entire workforce, he had to do hard physical labor in the Ruhr mining industry in Gelsenkirchen. He returned to Łódź after an accident at work. There, the local employment office assigned him to a plant of the Allgemeine Elektrizitäts-Gesellschaft, or AEG for short. The AEG sent him to Berlin, allegedly for training. Instead, he was forced to produce armaments at the AEG plant in Hennigsdorf. Because of the war destruction in Berlin, the company relocated production to the Glatz fortress near Breslau in 1944, where Bolesław Zajączkowski had to work in the cellar vaults.

After liberation, he returned to Łódź and became a technician for Polish television. In his spare time he was active again for the scouts. Bolesław Zajączkowski died in 2007 in Łódź.