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Forced Labour in the daily Round

Accompanying volume to the permanent exhibition

The accompanying volume documents essential contents of the permanent exhibition with many, partly unknown photographs, documents and objects on the history of Nazi forced labour and its aftermath. This also includes numerous biographies of forced labourers as well as German perpetrators, profiteers, spectators and helpers.  

Available in German and English.

2nd edition, € 15,00 ISBN 978-3-941772-32-8

Between two Stools. The Story of the Italian Military Internees 1943-1945

Accompanying volume to the exhibition

The accompanying volume documents the permanent exhibition on the history of forced labour of the Italian military internees from 1943 onwards. With numerous illustrations, biographies and essays, it also presents the current state of research.

1st edition 2016, German/Italian, € 10,-

2nd extended edition 2017, German/Italian, € 15,- ISBN 978-3-941772-26-7

1st edition 2017 German/English € 15,- ISBN 978-3-941772-35-9

Batteries for the Wehrmacht. Forced Labour at Pertrix 1939-1945

Accompanying volume to the special exhibition

The accompanying volume uses numerous illustrations of objects, documents and historical photographs to document the main contents of the exhibition - including the biographies of ten forced laborers and four German actors. Introductory essays provide additional insight into the current state of research.

1st edition 2015 German/English, € 5,- ISBN 978-3-941772-21-2